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L’Associazione Eumeswil ha organizzato per il 2013 un ciclo di 24 conferenze sul tema: L’IMMAGINE DEL MONDO, che avra’ inizio sabato 9 marzo alle ore 17 presso la sede delle Scuole Pie Fiorentine via Cavour, 94. Download il programma

La prima conferenza sarà di Antonio
Vitolo che parlerà su: “Il mondo interno ed il mondo esterno degli
adulti oggi”. Seguirà sabato 23 Marzo, Guido Zanderigo su: “L’immagine del mondo e della sua fine secondo l’induismo”. Nel
ciclo si parlerà poi di Jünger, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Husserl,
Heidegger, Wittgenstein, Evola ed altri pensatori europe. Tra
i relatori: Luca Crescenzi, che parlerà dei mondi simultanei nei
romanzi di Ernst Junger; Giuseppe Lippi, il massimo studioso italiano di
Lovecraft, curatore di Urania Mondadori; Amelia Valtolina, docente di
letteratura tedesca e traduttrice del poeta espressionista Gottfried
Benn; Paola Capriolo, scrittrice i cui romanzi, tradotti in varie
lingue, rappresentano un momento significativo della letteratura
italiana contemporanea.

L’immagine del mondo è un’ esperienza personale, in cui il singolo individuo diviene consapevole del suo rapporto con l’essere e dunque di ciò che vuol fare nella sua vita. L’immagine del mondo non è una dottrina che il singolo deve apprendere, ma un convincimento che nasce nell’intimo dell’ individuo e che nel suo intimo si rinnova.

Opinioni e convinzioni che non sono scaturite dalla riflessione sull’uomo e sull’ universo, ma si occupano soltanto dell’uomo e della società, vengono presentate come visioni del mondo e in quanto tali considerate. Ma la politica, la sociologia e l’ economia sono in grado di decifrare la realtà? E’ necessario rendersi conto che un’ immagine del mondo autentica nasce soltanto dalla riflessione in cui l’ io è di fronte a se stesso e all’universo. Quando ricondurrà tutti i problemi particolari relativi all’esistenza umana al problema fondamentale di come l’uomo possa raggiungere un vero rapporto spirituale con l’ essere, allora il pensiero occidentale ritroverà il suo giusto orientamento.

L’entrata alle conferenze è a offerta libera. Per maggiori informazioni:


  • …you know all the languages…

    E.J. also knew a few.

    What a nice blog.

  • What would E.J. have said about the phenomenon of blogs, had he lived up to now?

    Perhaps he would have said something about their existence…and about their exhaustion implicit;-)

  • That is a good question, Rich. I don't know – but considering how he anticipated the internet in Eumeswil, the smart phone in Heliopolis, virtual reality and computer animation in Glass Bees, he would probably not have been surprised by the development.

    What do you mean, "about their exhaustion implicit" – one thing I see in them is their ephemeralness, that what is written in blogs will probably leave few lasting traces. The ephemeralness probably corresponds, as an inverse reflection, to the quality of typical blog content – the reflections of every Tom, Dick and Harry are simply not worth preserving.

    Indeed, I often see myself putting much less effort into my online words than into my translations, for instance.

  • The "exhaustion" would refer to those few comments in contrast to such a fine blog like yours.

    How many people read your thoughtful entries? I guess everyone of them reading your cherished blog must have been provoked by some of these thoughts of yours. Why no echo? Why don't they write down their corresponding and inevitable thoughts and COMMENT? Do we live in such an unarticulate society? Why do they keep the responses to your engtries, echoing in their minds, for themselves?
    Reading those thought provoking entries by Simon…on free internet…and not even responding with some small change of a simple comment?

    That's what I'm somewhat dumbfound at. Perhaps it has something to do with the "ephemeralness" you mentioned. And I was wondering: Would E.J. still be alive – would he entertain his own blog?
    Or: If Friedrich Georg Juenger were still amongst us: Would F.G.J. read E-Books;-)

  • Glad you like my blog, Rich.

    Why no echo from others? Many certainly have nothing original to say. Others may view online interaction as useless – I also am no social network fan. Face-to-face interaction will always be richer than any virtual contact, however the technology may develop.

    Certainly text messages, emails and chatting are convenient, instant and distance bridging. But they are obviously impoverished compared to real human interaction – almost as much as real sex is to virtual sex, another good example of how the world only seems to be richer as a result of the online world. "The desert grows, woe to him who conceals a desert within." The internet is a mirage in the desert, a deceptive fata morgana.

    I would highly recommend a book by Rene Guenon in this respect: The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times. He describes the metaphysical basis for the digitization of the world – in terms which can clearly be reflected in form and essence onto the internet and all things digital today. Although Guenon himself died before this was all realized, an intelligent reader will make this jump for himself.

    Strongly recommend this book – and you can easily find ebook versions online. 4shared for example.

  • @ Rich

    What would Juenger have said about blogs? In my opinion "Eumeswil" is structured like a blog.

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