“102 Years in the heart of Europe: a portrait of Ernst Jünger”


It is in Swedish, but the interviews with Jünger are in the original German, and they are a significant part of the whole. Enjoy, it is as good as I expected!

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This looks to be a very interesting documentary from Sweden. If anyone knows where this can be seen or purchased, I´d appreciate the tip!!

From the producer´s website:

102 Years in the Heart of Europe – A Portrait of Ernst Jünger


Duration 58min.

Director Jesper Wachtmeister / Solaris Filmproduktion

Writer Björn Cederberg

Producer Fredrik Martin

© Fredrik Martin & Co. Filmproduktion 1998

German writer Ernst Jünger was born and lived in what has been the centre of European power, culture, politics and science for virtually the entire 20th century. Jünger fought in the first world war and received Germany’s highest military decoration from Hindenburg in 1918; he discussed politics with Goebbels and Brecht in Berlin in the ‘20s and art with Picasso during the Second World War; he conspired against Hitler and tried LSD in 1950. The news footage in the film becomes a commentary on Jünger’s life and writings, as contradictory and controversial as the history of the century.


  • Hi!

    The documentary dont seem to be available for purchase at all, cause I´ve been looking for it myself here in Sweden. It seems to have been shown on television in 98if I'm not mistaken. But I remember that I might have seen it available for loan at a library i Stockholm, Kungliga Biblioteket. I will look it up…


  • Thanks, Bjorn, I would be interested.

    Do you typically overdub in Sweden, or would it have the original German soundtrack with Swedish subtitles?


  • No overdub in Sweden, only subtitles, But I guess as the documentary is made by a swedish production company there might be a swedish language narrator. If there is a narrator, that is!

    I will look it all up this week!


  • I have looked it up, and sadly it seems impossible to track this documentary down. It was archived in the library but not open for the public due to copyright reasons i guess. The only thing I can hope for is that swedish television will show it again (it was aired in 99) but I cant see that happening. Hopefully the production company will issue a dvd in the near future as it seems that the interest for Jünger is growing in sweden.

By SiFr



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